Founder at Onkaro

Onkaro is driven by our passion to help organizations and individuals with their change efforts. We strive to be a catalyst to propel organizations toward their desired states by extracting untapped insights and leveraging existing capabilities and resources. Through our co-creative approach, we offer our clients customized assessment and diagnosis processes and incorporate our expertise, knowledge, and skills to develop and implement strategies to initiate and sustain change.

Onkaro first started as an agency working with startup companies; providing branding, marketing and communication design services along with workshops and consulting. We assisted the founders build their business models, better communicate their ideas to investors and customers through their pitches and visually appealing communication materials designed by our team

Even before founding Onkaro in 2014 I have been working with a variety of early stage start-ups in all over the world including New York City, San Francisco, Toronto, Istanbul. Our experience and knowledge both in business and design enabled my team and I to better understand and help identify the needs of the companies we work with.


About Onkaro

Onkaro is an Organizational Consulting company focused on strategy, culture, and change initiatives to increase performance, improve organizational health and build value for all stakeholders.


Workshops & Consulting
Strategic Planning
Organizational Structure
Business Model Innovation
Leadership Development
Pitching & Presentation