“Extremely talented communicator.”

GG did a fantastic job of taking my verbal story and transforming it into a presentation that perfectly depicted what I was trying to say. The deck was visually stimulating and made it much easier for the investors in the crowd to understand my pitch. Not only did GG and her team do a great job designing the deck - during the process they also developed a deep understanding of my business, and the goal of my presentation, and created my work accordingly. It was a pleasure to work with GG and her team. 

— Harrison Hines, Co-founder &CEO at Seashells

"10/10 & two thumbs up!"

GG and her team have been incredible in getting our presentation into a state it's never been before. Not only did she drastically overhaul the design, but she was able to tie it together with a cohesive, impactful storyline so we could deliver the key messages with maximum impact. I couldn't recommend her more highly for any company - from seed stage startups to larger ventures - that's looking to generate some serious buzz with a presentation. 10/10 and two thumbs up!

— Patrick Freuler, Founder at Audicus

“A rare left brain/right brain skill set!”

She has a sharp eye for communicating business concepts through captivating visual design. It's a rare left brain/right brain skill set that has supported our the launch of our business. GG's team helped us improve the design and communications of our investor materials and sales presentations when we were just starting out. 

— Karen Moon, Co-founder & CEO at Trendalytics

 "Instrumental in our success in XTC"

Gokce was instrumental in our success in the Extreme Technology Challenge for 2017. The work she had done to learn about the audience, setting, and overall demands for the presentation we gave was evident in the feedback and advice she gave, and I can honestly say we would not have made it as far as we did without her assistance. Thank you GG!

— Dennon Oosterman, Co-Founder at ReDeTec
(Top 3 Finalist at Extreme Tech Challenge 2017)

Gokce has been an integral part of ERA for almost 4 years and she's still very involved with our fund and 113 portfolio companies as a mentor and resident creative strategist. Our companies cannot praise her enough and we are very happy and lucky to be working with her. I cannot recommend her more highly.

— Murat Aktihanoglu, Managing Director at Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator